An afternoon shared

playing roles in our game

building family.


This photo reflects us while we were in the middle of a role-playing game:  Pathfinder.  My husband is the Game Master while my children and I each assumed heroic characters accomplishing some quests and battling bad guys in the process.  My character is a Paladin – I like the idea of a brave, noble hero.  However,  I am being teased by my playmates for being all but noble.  In this afternoon’s game, our enemies caught up with us and demanded that we surrender our quest items which they were also after.  However, a common enemy appeared.  When it was my turn to fight, I aimed my sword not at the common enemy but at the enemy character who was at that time fighting our common enemy.  Well, I was thinking that this mercenary would kill our characters anyway when the battle was done and that the common bad guy would turn out to be good.  By eliminating this future danger, not only did I act contrary to the dictates of the character but I also made the fight more difficult for our little heroic band.  I got my comeuppance in the form of endless teasing and ribbing from my playmates.  I had to use my ‘mommy-card’ for them to stop.  In fairness to me, I really do feel bad about my game decision.  I hope it does not reflect an inner chaotic alignment inside me. 🙂

Thank you for coming by.  A happy and blessed Sunday to you. 🙂


18 thoughts on “WPC: REFLECTIONS

    1. Thanks, Janna. It was a fun time (especially for the males in the family). I mostly play the game to be with family but when they give me a hard time, I readily resort to my trump card. 🙂

  1. Such a creative photo! I can definitely see a lot of your room reflected in the doorknob. It sounds like you had a great time role-playing with your family. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, sounded like you did. Usually when I get into character for a game or run around swinging makeshift swords trying to save the world, I get very hungry after a few hours 🙂

    1. thanks, Mabel. it’s good to meet a fellow gamer. I agree that all the fights and quests make people hungry. that’s why we have tons of snacks with us as we play. 🙂 🙂 very unhealthy, I know. 🙂

      1. Yes, I’m a gamer of all sorts. From videos games to board games and dress-up-make-believe games too. Good to know you have snacks handy around you as you play. With all the running around and swinging swords, that’s a lot of exercise you’re getting 😉

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