Birds intoned a benediction
the hour of darkness has passed
light dispersed the shadows
life stirred and bloomed at last
and earth unfurled its banner
of spring greens and rainbow dust.

The Painter had emptied His palette
and every corner is in pastel aglow
just like the first spring morning
when Eden was brand new
and sorrow had yet to take root
in Adam and Eve’s sinews.

Celebration greeted the morning
listless feet turned to dance
hearts marveled at the hope
of renewal and another chance
world-weary souls rejoiced
good is the work of His hands.


Officially, it’s spring.  Finally.  Although, we here in the Northeast can’t rejoice too soon.  Apparently, there is a big snowstorm coming on Wednesday.   I have to decide whether it’s just fine or it’s a major bummer.  On the one hand,  it is already spring and the snow will not be too long on the ground.  Yet on the other, it is spring, there should be no more snow!  Of course, my husband laughs at me for my unbridled optimism about spring.  He wastes no time reminding me that it is not yet time to dig and to plant.  Oh sigh! At least, there are already signs of life stirring.  That should make anyone smile. 🙂

A happy and blessed Sunday to all. 🙂


  1. Hi Imelda … spring has sprung where you are, and summer is pleasantly at our threshold. and we have been warned that we will experience scorching heat this season. i am sure to see beautiful floral photos from you and delightful poems that go with them!

    love your poem and the photo that complemented it. wishing you and your boys a good week ahead 🙂

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