For DVERSE POETS Poetics Prompt, we are given paintings by Sunita Khedekar to inspire us. This painting is titled “Fragrance of Life”.

How lovely is that flower,
Heaven claims her as its own.
Her labor perfumes its gardens
Her tears make its pillars tremble
for from her bosom springs forth
souls shaped by God
in His image and likeness
to eternity they are bound
prisms of grace and beauty
doled from the Creator’s hands.
Favored are you, Mother,
to bring forth immortal life
who will have the  company of angels
in God’s own paradise.


I was planning to write about a different painting last night.  I thought I had all my ideas mapped out and that I had enough time to fine tune it.  Then, I started to put together my draft and got stalled.  However, I really really wanted to write about Sunita Khedekar’s paintings.  They are oh-so-lovely I did not want to pass this chance.  So, I looked up her other images and found this one.  This is a poem that I have been wanting to write for a long time but could not put together until tonight.  Thanks, Sunita,  for the image and Grace of DVERSE for bringing Sunita’s beautiful works to our attention.

For more of Sunita’s work, you can visit her Facebook page or her blog, among others.  For more responses to DVERSE’ prompt, kindly visit the PUB. Thank you for coming by. 🙂


11 thoughts on “MOTHERHOOD

  1. Hey, we chose the same picture, smiles ~ I specially like this part:

    Favored are you, Mother,
    to bring forth immortal life

    Thanks for joining in Imelda ~

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