PHOTO CREDIT: Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, photo by Bonnie Beechler

The house was just as you left it.

I dared not make any change.

I wanted you to be right at home

when you return.

After the children were put to bed,

I would stand by the window

staring at the rose -lined path

that you usually took to get to our front door

for the sound of your steps

or the flicker of light

from your cigarette.

I wanted to tell you –

the first word our little one uttered,

how I begged for an extra shift at work the other day,

ah, but  my hair was turning gray,

the children are all grown and gone,

You’d be proud.

But I did not have the chance to

I was called away.

I’m sorry

if the  home you knew is no more.


For Magpie Tales.  I played with several scenarios/ideas before I came up with this piece at the last minute.   Sometimes, I find myself almost forcing myself to write.  Otherwise, I will get carried away by my laziness and drop everything altogether.

Please click the picture for more responses.  Thank you for coming by. 🙂

12 thoughts on “SORRY

  1. Thanks for the visit and the nice comment 🙂
    I just checked out Magpie, what an interesting concept, I think I’ll join in on the fun

    1. Thanks, Sylvia. Did you get the house? I see that you have plenty of work to do for that one then, but if the bones are good, that house will certainly turn out very well. Good luck. 🙂

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