The cardinal watched from his branch.
No song spilled from his breast.
I used to hear his serenade
thread the air in the yard
as the sun found its place
up in the eastern skies.
What could have silenced
his full throated notes?

The cardinal sat alone
in the shadows of the twigs
watching as the sparrows
flitted about with their friends.
Where is the fair companion
who was ever at  his side
cooing merrily
like  a starry-eyed bride?

Now I remember,
it was one morning last fall
when I saw the cardinal
going by on his own.
Since then, it seemed
his music started to fade
Until solitude engulfed
him and his serenade.



I hope there will be more of these lovelies in our yard this spring.  Right now, there is only one who frequents   our backyard.   Walking our dog in the morning becomes a special treat whenever I see ‘our’ cardinal.

Do you have any suggestions on how we can attract more of them?

Thanks. 🙂  Happy Tuesday, Friends.





  1. i love the bird song…find so much in it….in spring we keep the windows open and hear th crickets and awake to the birds….a bit bittersweet in solitude there in the end….maybe they will return…

  2. I love seeing the male cardinals in the winter. We started feeding birds this winter, in the beginning of the winter we had an occasional one or two and now we often will have six males at a time in the backyard. (Usually there are just as many females they just don’t pop against the snow so they are harder to count!)

    I’m sure you could look up plants that would attract cardinals. A thick shrub or two? Something with berries? If you can grow such gorgeous flowers I’m sure if you grow something for the birds they’ll flock to you! 🙂

    And water? Do you have any water? We have a heated birdbath in the winter. All the birds come drink from it and the mourning doves like to stand on the edge, must warm their toes! 🙂

    1. A heated birdbath seems like a good idea. The birds can actually drink. I might look it up in the net. It will be nice if there is a battery-powered birdbath that is available.

      We have hedges here (they serve as fence between our neighbor and us) and the sparrows are living there. When we moved in, there were birdfeeders inside the shrub but, foolish me, removed them. I guess, they had a reason for being there. I must correct my error. 🙂

  3. Feed them.. put out the food they normally eat… but don’t supply too much that they stop looking for natural sources… I don’t know what they eat as we don’t get them here, but I’m sure a little research will help…

    1. I think I will try putting feeders and water inside the bushes. There used to be some when we first moved in but I foolishly removed them.

  4. What a gorgeous photo! I love cardinals (even drew one for an eighth grade art project) but have never seen one in person. Thanks for sharing this one 🙂

    1. Oh, thanks for this very specific suggestion, Diane. I will get some when I get the chance to go to a garden shop. 🙂 Sorry for my late reply – last week or so, I got woozy whenever I stared at the screen for a little too long. 🙂

      1. I can definitely identify with that Imelda.. with my issue that I still have affecting my sleep, I can only read for a short while at a time… Are you okay… ?? Diane

      2. Thanks, Diane. My knee feels better now, as long as I don’t bend it too much. I am trying to catch up with the comments and visiting friends’ pages. I will not be able to check in in your page tonight, but I will definitely be there sooner or later. 🙂

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