ROMEO AND JULIET (The Necessity of a Map App)

CREDIT: Universal Studios Lot, Instagram by sessepien
This is the picture prompt of THE MAG 207

Oh, what tragedy!
It all started with a little sketch drawn by Juliet of their apartment.
On her handkerchief, she drew the landmarks and the street
for Romeo to find her window on the night of their escape
She also wrote, “Climb the ladder to the third floor
on the rails you’ll find a bicycle picture
down below is an ad ‘Apartment to Let’
and you can’t miss the curtain with dainty eyelets.”

With a whistle and a sigh, Romeo went on his quest
followed to the letter the instructions on the sketch
He kept his eyes peeled on each picture and ad
and on lacy eyelet-y curtain too, besides
At last he saw a place just as Juliet described
So up and up the ladder, Romeo climbed
When he reached the window, three times, he knocked –

meanwhile, Juliet paced back and forth in her room
wondering what was taking Romeo so long
She was half worried that  he had changed his heart
She knew then that she could not bear them being apart.
For the hundredth time, she looked out of her window
cursed out loud at what she saw –
Romeo was at the window of Old Miss Capshaw!

She leaned out to wave at her man
(she could not yell, her parents were around)
Alas! She reached too far, she lost her balance
“Romeo, my Romeo” she cried until she was silenced.

Romeo was alarmed. He thought he was superman
He stretched out his arms (as if he could grab Juliet’s hand)
Oh poor lover! He plunged to the bottom of the steps
but he managed to crawl and join Juliet’s dying breath.


The little balcony in these apartments reminded me of the BARD’s Romeo and Juliet.   To that I added the different ways that a man and a woman understand and give directions (at least in so far as my husband and I are concerned).   I hope he does not turn in his grave for my silly take on his classic story. 🙂 Please visit MAGPIE TALES for more responses to the prompt. 🙂



  1. oh no…. she should have sent him a google map plan – that would’ve been more acurate…. i’m bad with giving direction…no one would ever find me…smiles… fun take on the story but yeah…tragic close…

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