I had four hearts
bloody red
set in gold
circled by diamonds
my birth stones.
They adorned my ears
dangled from my neck
crowned my hands
before men
with guns
boarded my cab
with its driver’s nod.
Now I have two
hearts bloody red
circled by diamonds
set in gold
missing the friends
I traded
for a second life.


Tonight at DVERSE, Victoria asked the community to write about an object/artifact.  I thought of my garnet ring and pendant and the earrings I no longer have.  I lost them years ago to robbers.  Thanks be to God, I had my earrings (and a little cash in my wallet) to give to the robbers and I was let off unharmed.

Kindly visit the pub when you get the chance.  🙂


  1. oh heck.. that must have been terribly scary and i’m glad you had something to trade with them… wouldn’t look good for me as i hardly wear any jewelry at all.. maybe i should for a case like this..ugh…

    • That incident taught me to be a little more picky about cabs. I loved wearing earrings then (I felt kind of naked when the piercing on my ears showed). But I could not care less for jewelry now except for my wedding ring which unfortunately no longer fits. 🙂

  2. What a horrible thing to happen to you! But I’m glad you were unharmed and that you still have the ring and pendant.

    • Thanks, Cressida. 🙂 Oh my, I am glad that you were out of the house when it happened. I know it is terrible to lose things (especially that way), at least they can be replaced.

  3. Love the spare, unemotional narration of such a traumatic incident. Hardly expected this to be real Imelda! A second chance for two red hearts….unbelievable!

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