This contains less than half the candles it should have. I would have needed a fire extinguisher to put out all of the candles otherwise. 🙂

A day
a year
a life
celebrated in the excited voices
and pink buntings hanging
from the ceiling.

Princesses watch from the rafters
holding the pink tapestry in place
plastic smiles amused
at the man all agog
keeping dozens of candles lit
over a purplish cake.

All are in the memory
box wrapped in colorful bows
the present
of a lifetime.


My husband prepared a (Disney) Princess theme birthday for me.  I never thought I’d be giddy over having our place made up for our celebration.  But I was.  I woke up this morning to much ado in the kitchen – my husband and children were busy preparing for today.  I watched them like a little girl having a party for the first time.  Needless to say, I had a lovely time.

Thank you for coming by and sharing my joy. 🙂

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23 thoughts on “PRESENT

  1. No matter how old we get, there is a little princess in every woman’s heart and a prince charming in every man’s heart. Happy Birthday my friend. I wish you all the love, joy and peace in this world. As for the candles, the more the merrier.Reminds me that I need a bigger cake on my next birthday this Spring. God bless.

  2. Happy Birthday, Imelda! I’m feeling giddy for you as well! How wonderful of your hubby and boys to surprise you! May you be drenched with love today and always!

  3. Happy birthday! What a sweet thing he did by planning a princess party. (I get what you mean about the number of candles. After age 30, I nixed the candle-for-each-year practice 🙂 )

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