Oh! Poor TV Star
while visiting a lady friend
was mauled beyond recognition
allegedly by six men
after he was blindfolded
and tied down.

Facebook is busy
announcing his misfortune
“Get well soon,” many wished
“Put the bad guys in jail,” others wrote
under a picture
of his face
swollen and bruised.

My heart filled with anger –
the fight wasn’t fair
what cowards those men were
what woman’s ill will
brought him there?

Then I read another
version of the same event
as filed by the lady
in the police docket –
The men labeled as thugs
and committed the crime
only acted to defend her
against the injured man’s wiles.

Will the Truth filter through
the publicity wars that will rage
or will it hide, a victim
of gossip mongers
and lawyers’ claims?


“On the Other Hand”  is the theme of DVERSE PUB’s Poetics prompt.  It asks us to write a poem that presents differing view point.   This piece was inspired by a recent celebrity news in the Philippines.  I learned about it through FB postings of friends.   According to what I read, the male TV personality was invited by a lady friend to her place.  However, when he got there, he was  blindfolded, bound, and assaulted by 6 men.  Anyway, thank you very much for coming over.  🙂


4 thoughts on “VICTIM OR VILLAIN

  1. ah it’s often so – if we only hear one version of the story we tend to believe as long someone else tells their version of the same event… i do hope that truth will filter through finally..

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