Paper tumbled
out of their hiding places;
lines and squiggles stared at me
showed me little hands
struggling to mark their world.
Creased souvenirs unfolded
stories tucked away in the corners
of ages past.
“What now?” they asked.
Fond sentiments flooded through me
while Clutter overflowing
threatened my space.
I closed my eyes
absorbed the memories
gritted my teeth
and tossed the memorials
into waiting wastebaskets.


Over at DVERSE:, Victoria asked the Pub habitues to write a poem “incorporating a rich use of verbs”.  I spent a good part of my afternoon tossing all sorts of things that I kept for posterity.  It was a tedious process, to say the least.

Kindly visit the pub to see what verbs the wonderful people played with. 🙂

11 thoughts on “CLEAN UP

  1. it feels good to get those things cleaned out..some times we grab them and soon enough forget why…nice job on the verbs…imbuing some action into it…smiles. it can be bittersweet letting go…

  2. Oh, I feel the pain. I waver between wanting to save everything because I might want it later and I might need it later and throwing out everything because we have no room for me to be a giant pack rat and once I start saving one thing….

  3. totally agree with what you say..:) loved this especially – Creased souvenirs unfolded
    stories tucked away in the corners of ages past. (i have many tucked away in hidden corners of my closet!)

  4. ah sometimes it just needs radical cleaning… i’m not bad with that…my husband is a collector though.. for him throwing away things is much more difficult than for me..

  5. Absorbed the memories, gritted teeth – that’s the way to toss them out ~ I must do this soon, thanks for the reminder ~ Have a good weekend ~

  6. I can relate to this. I keep some of the kids’ art, but most of it, I scan into the computer and save it to an external back up drive. This way, I figure I can stroll through the memories with more space 🙂

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