This is an old photo but tonight looks like this night from two years ago:  cold and rainy.  This is my view from our bedroom window.  Behind the tree would be the graveyard.
This is an old photo but tonight looks like this night from two years ago: cold and rainy. This is my view from our bedroom window. Behind the tree would be the graveyard.

Who turned off the lights
switched on the gloom
that even the breeze
sang a mournful tune?

Look at the trees –
see how they tried to dance
like ballerinas
gliding in their tutus.
Yet,  for all their effort
they could only creak
oh! those bony limbs
– so fragile and weak.

Alas! how the cold had turned
flesh to stone weathered
marker on a mound of dirt
above those who once warmed
hearts without mirth
silent, they now feed
the sullen earth
awaiting with bated breath
its triumphant rebirth.

The mourning gray turned to black
a car splashed down the road
while a lone passerby shivered
inside his soggy hood.

The street lights went a-twinkling
there are no stars tonight
the whistling wind drizzled
the windows, they were shuttered tight.

And we, we are held captive
inside this cold wintry night.



I wrote this poem in response to DVERSE Prompt today~Poetics:  Out the Window.  The prompt requires us to take a photo from our favorite window and then, to write a poem about what we saw.  Unfortunately, I was not faithful to the take-a-photo part (which is odd considering that the camera is almost an extension of my hand these days).  What happened was that, I looked out of the window, saw the usual scenes – the graveyard, the bare trees, the neighbors) plus the gray weather.  I started writing at about 4:00 p.m. then stopped to cook dinner and to make muffins for my toddler who has been asking me to please use the mixer.   When I got done, it was already too dark to take pictures.  My current camera is not good with night shots (either that or I need new glasses).   But tonight looks like the rainy night from that night two years ago – one that was captured in the photo above.  So, I recycled that picture for this post.

I finished the first draft just before dinner and finalized it after we put our children to bed.  I think the poem reflects that long interval between writing and finishing the piece.

Ah..let me not bore you with my chatter.  🙂 Thank you very much for coming by and do visit the Pub when you get the chance. 🙂


Also for WPC: WINDOW.

19 thoughts on “LIFE OUTSIDE MY WINDOW

  1. the lights in the rain give it quite the twinkle…my trees are skeletons as well and would think the wind might blow them over its been so strong and yet they seem so brittle…stay warm…

  2. sometimes i wonder if the trees miss their leaves during winter…they look so bare and brittle indeed…and i can imagine how much they would love to dance in a soft summer breeze with all the birds singing their songs in the branches… an atmospheric piece imelda..

  3. Last night was cold and gloomy here too ~ I can relate to the dampening of the mood and being held captive by winter ~ Oh spring, come soon, smiles ~

  4. I find it amazing that you can be a photographer, a poet, a mom and an observer of the meaning behind ordinary things all at the same time. Oh and make muffins with a mixer on demand. You are amazing 🙂 Lovely post.

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