My words floated in the air
Should I wonder
when you could only touch me
through my photographs
if I have any
floating around.

To you
I am a phantom
hovering in your mind
our times,
shadows of forgotten  dreams

Life went on
for you and me
just like parallel lines.

Distance does that.


This was written for DVERSE’s Meeting the Bar Prompts this week, specifically the  Fifty-five Shades of Grey prompt.

A lot of things have happened back in my birth home:  relatives needing advice, my grandmother dying, among others.  Even though I try to be a part of that life the best way I can, I know that I can no longer fully participate and be present my family’s life, as they can be in mine.

Thank you for coming by.  Do check-out the other responses to the prompt.  🙂


  1. nice nods to geometry there….parallel lines move in the same direction/have the same slope but never touch….and distance….this is a bit sad….hard too when you know you want to help but also have your life to live…

  2. distance does that.. i wish it would be easier to stay closer to the fam… i have relatives in bavaria that i used to visit often and we were quite close – but now – the distance – we don’t see each other much and the parallel lines…yep…

  3. Sometimes that distance is not geographical; it can be education, spirituality, all sorts of things that come between people who used to be close, and now aren’t; whose relationship used to vibrant and colourful is now increasingly grey.

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