The Queen breathed life to morning
the long night of waiting passed
with the sky erupting in wonder
when angels proclaimed the first Christmas

Eyes beheld the King of kings
an infant asleep on His straw bed
Meek and humble as a lamb He came
meek and humble, to the Tree, He was led

where He stretched His broken arms
and gathered the world to His breast
bleeding fiery red for love
that all creation might be cleansed

pure as winter’s freshly fallen snow
that souls will find their beauty lost
and once again mirror Grace
and sing God’s praises with Angelic hosts.

2013 WWP Wordle
This is the word list from We Write Poems’ December Prompt 193

Thanks to Sabra of Later, Miss Slater, I got acquainted with We Write Poems.  I’ve been wanting to write a poem about Christmas but could not manage to do so until I saw this word list from We Write Poems.

Thank you for coming by.  Do visit the lovely sites when you get the chance. 🙂

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