Barberry hips
There’s not quite the beauty
as beautiful as the remains
of an ice storm that had boughs
thick with crystals showing off
starlights winking at the sun.

Icy branch

What miracle turns
this grey and bitter cold
into an exquisite consolation
only the Creator knows.


Soon the vision will fade
revealing once more
plain old world,
bare, broken, unadorned,
yet the soul exalts
at the hope of a beauty
for ever.

Winter Forest

Five or six days ago, there was a big ice storm in Maine.  It left everything covered in ice. The effect of ice on everything made for a dazzling scene.  I think than ice makes things look magical in ways that a snow storm can’t.  I guess, it has to compensate for the danger it poses. 🙂

Happy weekend to you all.

Linking with Daily Post’s Moment of Clarity/Awestruck prompt.

16 thoughts on “AFTER THE STORM

  1. Very nice images. I well remember those ice storms back in Michigan during my early years. Absolutely beautiful… and absolutely treacherous. We are having daytime highs in the low to mid seventies now… I’ll take it! Beautiful captures Imelda…

  2. it’s always so surreal, how something so hauntingly beautiful can also be so destructive. thanks for the glimpse of the beauty of a winter storm without leaving the comfort (and beauty) of my perch on the river in the middle of the world! z


  3. ah that is beautiful…i love the way a frost of snow or ice transforms the landscape…
    we have had very little this year…which is a bit sad…though it has been cold enough…
    have a wonderful new year!

  4. Great images, Imelda. They are magic. I particularly love the fifth one. What a harbinger of winter. Thanks for sharing.

  5. We too had our ice storm and the aftermath made everything deadly beautiful ~

    Now the ice and snow are melting ~ Stunning pictures Imelda ~ Happy New Year ~

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