Soldier on, weary soul
who knows what
you’ll find around the bend –
hope for broken hearts
rest for your aching  limbs.


Then walk on once more
with new resolve
until your exile is done
and you are once again
in your eternal home.



One autumn day, I chanced upon our neighbors moving the sofa on the pavement. There the sofa stayed for a couple of days until it was picked up. The first time I saw the couch, I had this temptation to sit on it and pretend that our neighborhood, including the roads, is my big living room. Like me, I supposed that passersby considered the couch as either an unexpected amusement or obstacle depending on one’s temperament.

For more UNEXPECTED takes, please visit the   Weekly Photo Challenge:  Unexpected.  Thank you for coming by.

20 thoughts on “WPC: UNEXPECTED

  1. Too bad you didn’t have time to just lay down on the couch and take a nap. That would have drawn some attention… Good images… great for the topic. –Galen

  2. It is almost as if the couch wants you to take a seat. It looks a little forlorn on the sidewalk – and this is emphasized with the black and white image.

  3. I like the couch photos. (Goes perfectly with the ‘rest for your aching limbs’ line.) The drink cup on the couch is interesting…it makes it look like someone was sitting there but just got up for a moment 🙂

  4. I would have sit too. Perhaps the sofa has it’s own stories just waiting to be heard. In a way, it reminds me of the things we let go but now wish we didn’t. Life, just full of unexpected turns.

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