Her words escaped like steam
rushing out of a boiling cauldron
they hit their mark, scalded and burned
one she claims to love.
She bent her knees,
begged forgiveness
kissed the wounds, called back her words –
“I did not mean them,” she said.
yet even though she was forgiven
and everything seemed all fine
the scar that had been caused
bleeds once in every while.
Ah..if only stemming one’s words
could be as easy as spewing bile
then the latter’s momentary relief
will yield to silence’s wisdom.

For Day 18 of November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Forget What I Said  and DVERSE POETS’ Open Link Night 123.  Thank you for coming by.  Do check out the links for lovely poems. 🙂

11 thoughts on “DONE

  1. Just like in Harry Potter, where there are unforgivable curses, there are unforgivable words. Such a true poem it hurts to read. Sometimes reading is remembering.

  2. Ouch, I do that… not all that often, but far too often for my liking. A yell, a derogatory word – and if the wound doesn’t bleed, then scar tissue forms hard and unforgiving. Not sure which is worse.

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