Neither here nor there –
that is how I am
about being a citizen
of a country I was not born in.
My heart and my soul
formed by my mother land
are the mirrors through which
I see life in my adoptive home.
From a distance,
I celebrate with my kinsman
and from a distance
I grieve for their misfortune.
One day, I went back
enjoyed the familiar smiles and places
but for that  nagging thought –
years made me an outsider
finding her place
in her own mother’s arms.


For Daily Post’s Land of Confusion prompt, and November PAD Chapbook Challenge’s Day which was to write a Half-way poem.

23 thoughts on “BEWILDERED

  1. Ahh Imelda, I see myself in your beautiful and very touching poem.

    When I left my homeland in England to live in America for the best part of 20 years I missed my family so very much. I always felt like an outsider even though I embraced my life there as best I could. Then, when I returned to my homeland 10 years ago, for a while, I felt like an outsider all over again. Strange that.

    I know how very difficult it must be for you now in the face of the tragedy in your homeland. My prayers are with you and yours…

    1. Sherri, I appreciate your sharing your experience. Sometimes, I feel guilty for feeling disconnected from my home land. Now, it seems like estrangement is something that many go through.

      Thank you so much for your kind thoughts about my country. It was pretty battered, but thanks be to everybody from all over the world, my countrymen and my country are able to move on and hopefully rebuild.

  2. Beautiful poem, and it got me thinking. I’ve never lived anywhere else, so I can’t imagine what it would be like to be almost in between countries, not fully belonging to either of them.

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