You’ve cried enough
your tears pool around your feet
you’ve worried enough
your pacing has worn the pavement
stop! Take a hold of yourself
gather your strength
you may think that you are down so low
that you cannot stand
but when you’re at the very bottom
remember, there’s nowhere to go but up
so –
pull yourself together
stop tearing yourself apart
think about what you can do
to improve your allegedly dismal lot
wait not for other souls
to change your miserable state
help comes to him
who helps himself
blame not the world
for all of your misfortune
after all is said and done
your life is your responsibility
and yours


This is a poem that I wrote for Day 13 of the November PAD Chapbook Challenge. The theme was Self Help.  It’s a reminder I often have to tell my worry-wart self.

Thank you for coming by. 🙂


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