We used to hide among the mango  trees here
and there,  behind Lolo Teban’s storehouse.
We saved ourselves from being ‘it’
on that coconut tree by our gate.
But the winds blew them all away
and the floods washed our place clean
except for the debris left in their wake.
Oh! Look at those little milk cans
they’re just perfect for a game
of kick-the-can
It was fun but I hated
having to chase the can.
The children will love it.
Where have they gone?


DVERSE POETS’ PUB’S PROMPT is about Childhood Toys and Games.  I would have written about a happy remembrance, but news of the devastation in the central part of the Philippines  fill my mind right now.   In memory of all who perished and who lost loves ones and properties, I write this humble poem.  Thank you for your prayers.  If you are so inclined, there are good places everywhere where you can make donations to help in the recovery of the affected areas.


24 thoughts on “GONE

  1. oh heck..that hits hard…watched it in the news as well… a terrible catastrophe.. and they say due to the rise of the water temperature the storms will get stronger and stronger… i wish those kids could just play… so many missed…

    1. Thanks, Brenda. Thanks be to God, my family is about 200 miles away from the center of the hurricane. But I have friends who have been directly affected.

      1. I hope they will be okay. My cousin is a doctor, and she went down to New Orleans after Katrina, and the stories she tells are terrible, terrible. Very traumatic. Do you know if anyone is raising money for the relief?

      2. So many people have been affected at one time or another in their lives. I’ve lived through hurricanes, but nothing as bad as Katrina or the Typhoon in the Philippines.

  2. A beautiful tribute to the victims of such a terrible tragedy Imelda. It was horrifying to watch on TV. Hope your loved ones there are all safe.

    1. Thanks, Madhu. 🙂 The tragedy is devastating. Our family is 200 miles away from the center of the storm. Thanks be to God, they were safe. But some of my friends have been directly affected.

      1. Glad your family is safe Imelda. But sorry about your friends. My thoughts and prayers go out to them. The children were supposed to go there this December. I think they might cancel now.

      2. Thanks, Madhu.

        The northern part is still fine to visit. But if the destination is in the central part of the Philippines, visiting may not be a good idea yet. That area had been ravaged by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake and then this hurricane.

    1. Thank you, Debbie. My family is, thanks be to God, safe from the hurricane. We are from farther up north of the country. It is very consoling though to witness the outpouring of gits and goodwill from all parts of the world.

  3. An exceptional piece Imelda. So vivid I can almost hear the clanking of the the rusty can being kicked around. Nostalgic and wistful at the same time. I trust your loved ones in the Philippines are safe during this time. God bless and keep you. Shaorn

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