Just because I love teapots, I had to find out what Googlism has to say about them… 🙂


Porcelain teapot is ….
Porcelain teapot is made from porcelain
Porcelain teapot is enhanced by hand
Porcelain teapot is handcrafted by artisans
in a socially and environmentally responsible manner in Thailand
porcelain teapot is entirely relief molded and handpainted
and was made in Germany
porcelain teapot is a perfect combination of style

porcelain teapot is gorgeous… is decorated with –
porcelain teapot is coated with silver at factory
porcelain teapot is a beautiful example of the old world charm
(of transferware),
porcelain teapot is sure to make a great addition
to any collection

Porcelain teapot is perfect
porcelain teapot is perfect for brewing tea
porcelain teapot is solidly made
porcelain teapot is 40 oz
porcelain teapot is dishwasher

porcelain teapot is something out of never
porcelain teapot is.


For dverse poets’ pubs’ FORM FOR ALL: LIST POEMS AND THE POETIC HEART OF GOOGLE  and NOVEMBER PAD CHAPBOOK CHALLENGE DAY 8‘s challenge to write about an inanimate object.

14 thoughts on “THE PORCELAIN TEAPOT

  1. porcelain teapot is a beautiful example of the old world charm…nice i love teapots…i was at the potters market with my daughters a few weeks ago..i could get lost there for a whole day…love me some decent hand crafted porcelaine and clay work..

    1. Oh no, we’re two of a kind. I can get lost in a place. There was a time when I went to thrift stores and flea markets just for teapots until I ran out of space for them.

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