ESCAPE (for WPC: Habit)




Sunday afternoon

I know she’ll be there

seeking solace from the chaos

in her mind

staring at the pond

at nowhere

her past catching up with her

Among the geese and the swans

she finds love

and freedom

flying into the sun.


For  this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – HABIT.   That she visits the pond regularly to seek solace is true.  However, the rest of the lines have been  plucked from nowhere.  🙂 Thank you for coming by.




16 thoughts on “ESCAPE (for WPC: Habit)

  1. Lovely poem to fit the pic, Imelda. I wonder what her story is. The way she’s sitting right up on the one side of the bench, looks as though she would like someone to join her and maybe chat a while. 🙂

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