For this photo challenge, I am sharing what are apparently very different photos. Not only are they taken during different seasons, but they were also in different settings.

The first picture reminds of that time a long time ago, when I was a third grader sitting on a chair by the window. I often found myself staring out of the window looking at the sea and the mountains beyond the treetops. Often, I would see ships passing by. I had wondered what was beyond the sea. Now I know. I have crossed the seas to find my dreams. And I found them in being a wife and a mother.


The second picture is from the graveyard near our home. I guess it shows the difference in perspective between a child dreaming about her future, on the one hand, and an adult who has seen more of life and believes that there is more beyond the here and now, on the other.


Thank you for coming by. 🙂 For more HORIZON photos, please visit the link.

32 thoughts on “WPC: HORIZON

  1. Qué bonito!!!! Me encantan las explicaciones, porque así se pueden apreciar de otra manera!!!! Muchas veces no somos conscientes de que lo que cambia no sólo es el paisaje, sino también nuestros ojos….
    Buenas noches!

  2. Beautiful photos especially the first one and love the story behind every picture. 🙂
    Very nice entry, Imelda. Very touching and moving. 🙂

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