Leaves on the floor

limbs let

a shower of leaves


like garments
’til they rest on the floor.

Little by little
inhibitions are shed
and all secrets bared
to the dark wintry nights
then gathered and worn again
at the warm touch of light.


I tried to make a different layout for this piece.  However, the words always go back to and align on the left hand side even when I used the tab so that some words will be diagonally placed.  Do you have any odea how it is done?

Anyway, the idea for this poem came from a comment made by Claudia in this post. 🙂 Thanks Claudia for the inspiration.

Thanks for coming by.  Have a great day. 🙂



  1. I have had similar formatting problems with my posts. I would think it was how I wanted it and then look at the preview or save it and they’d be all lined up again. Let me know if you find away around it ever!

  2. I love the fall leaves! And beautiful poem, too 🙂

    Tabs don’t work in WordPress posts. I’ve had decent luck using the indent button on the Visual tab. On my new post screen, it’s on the second row of picture icons and has several lines with an arrow pointing to the right next to it. If you hover over it, it will read “indent”. I put my cursure on the line I want to indent and just keep pressing that button until the line is where I want it.

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