Autumn Trees

Nothing happens around here
no shooting stars ever come by
to light up our lives
with the glitter of tinseltown

We have seasons that come
like clockwork
Leaves, they fall one by one
cannot wait for the rest to turn
and make a big fiery show
for this season called autumn

Snow, it is as white as the clouds
until petulant cars tire of them
and turn their white to dirty brown

Winter is as cold as cold can be
yet no colder than a shoulder
of a wife  irritated that  her husband
dares to have fun
even when she’s not around.

But those, too, shall pass
both the irritation and the snow
warmth touches spring
thaws the chill
and the world is right again
daffodils will give way to roses
and lilies will perfume the air
until the ripening grapes
hijack the breeze of October
before the limbs are stripped
to mourn winter

Ah, nothing happens around here
but the smooth flowing of life
which is … an event like no other.

Autumn 2


In her Facebook page, a good friend has been posting about seeing movie/TV stars in her neighborhood.   That made me think about my own and inspired me to write this almost tongue-in-cheek poem.  It may be worth mentioning though that she lives in a city, and not just any city, but New York City.  ON the other hand, we live in a little town somewhere here in New England.    Thank you for coming by.  Happy weekend.  🙂


18 thoughts on “RHYTHM

    1. No, I wasn’t. I was feeling bored when the first lines of the poem came. I was getting envious that my NY City friend is seeing a lot of neat things and people and I am seeing nothing around here. 🙂

  1. What a gorgeous post Imelda. Love the autumn colours and the poem really resonated with me hon. Beautiful. 😀 *hugs*

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