This picture by Crilleb50 is this week’s prompt from Magpie Tales. .

Time closes in while regret
fills his soul like sands
swirling in an hour glass

Shrill voices of children
echo in his head like bells
ringing in their myriad needs

met with his usual words
“I have work to do right now
what about another time?”

But time flew by, did not wait
for promises made to be kept
leaving his hands flowing

with gold saved for rainy days
and his treasure chest wanting
the luster of happy memories.

Time closes in, he chases
the moments that slipped by.
Love gives him another chance.


This was written for . MAGPIE TALES.

Before I saw this prompt this week, I read an article  – written by a palliative care nurse – listing some common  regrets of  dying people.  Among those was their failure to spend more time with their family.    I thought that that list, coupled with some real life (vicarious)  experience fitted perfectly with this prompt.   Pease click the images to check out the site and other responses. 🙂 Thank you for coming by.

Happy Friday. 🙂



8 thoughts on “DENOUMENT

  1. I love this! such a beautiful poem, and yet the words and emotions conveyed are heartbreaking. You truly have a gift with words friend. I love the pic too, fits the poem perfectly! you unleashed a flood of emotions in me this morning :’)

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