CONSOLATION (A Little Pumpkin’s Note to Its Mother)

It was excruciating,
to say the least of the suffering
I had under the Sculptor’s hands.

Your words rang
with each cut on my flesh
How I wished that I was there

in the shelter of your arms
among my brethren, living life
just as you might have wished

for your little pumpkin
Until I saw in the Artist’s eyes
an image of what I could be

Then I asked – would diamonds
have shone as stars though untouched
by the Cutter’s hands?

All shall come to pass
and I go,  living
in joyful remembrance of an ideal
I wrote this with dVERSE’s POETICS: I’ve Got Issues with Pumpkins prompt. Obviously, I did not make it on time. 🙂 So here I am catching the last minute train to link up.    This prompt made me think of that October day  about 4 years ago when we visited Roger Williams Park in Providence, RI.  Since it was almost Halloween time, there were pumpkins in the park ground, not carved in the usual scary manner, but in very intricate bas relief.  We even chanced upon the sculptor at work.  I might have a picture of him somewhere in my files.  I was therefore pleased to read a week ago that there is an ongoing pumpkin exhibit in the park.  And here are some of the exquisite works in the show – Spectacular Jack O’Lanterns Brilliantly Carved and Lit Up.  Do check out the site if you have the chance to.

Thank you for coming by.  🙂


  1. smiles….very cool….its not an easy life under the carving of the sculptor, but one look in the eyes will let you know their intentions….smiles….i agree with joy as well….

  2. Oh, so sad, to depict a child being carved, it hurts my mother’s heart, even if it’s only a pumpkin. I ruthlessly carved pumpkins, and thought nothing of it.

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