Heaven’s splendor
stars, melted, on the ground
Night’s gift to Day.

Dawn diffusing light
smile opening  sleepy eyes
glorious beginnings.



For more GOOD MORNINGS, please visit the Weekly Photo Challenge. 🙂   Thank you for coming by.  I hope you have a pleasant day. 🙂


15 thoughts on “WPC: GOOD MORNING!

  1. Now I know that these photos were taken with shallow depths. But they are awesome. They made my morning sparkle with the light drizzle as the rays of the sun strike through creating a double rainbow above the horizon.

    1. HI, i*Kan. Thanks. 🙂 I might have been wrong – the plant is not Hawkeye (as in the superhero) weed but simply Hawkweed. The droplets you see are morning dew.

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