For this week’s theme, I offer these leaf pictures from our backyard.  I like backlit photos and light saturated images.  I like the glow that the light lends to the pictures.  The light makes the images come alive.   Backlighting works well with leaves and flowers because of their transluscence.  I had less appealing results when I focused on denser objects.  I still have to do some more experimentation with getting a good light on the image when it is set against a very bright background (like the sun 🙂  ).

I hope you enjoy some of these early autumn colors.

Head over to WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE for more responses. 🙂 Happy Friday.

15 thoughts on “WPC: SATURATION

  1. It’s strange that the rest of the world is heading into autumn, whilst we here in New Zealand are heading into Spring. I love your photos, and the way you’ve set it out. ❤ Thanks helping me appreciate spring 😀

  2. Oh, these are just too gorgeous for words Imelda. I love the colours. Fantastic shots! This would have been an excellent entry for Verena’s new ‘Festival of Leaves’ challenge as well. :)Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *big hugs*

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