Autumn Leaves

Would that it’s always autumn
tomorrows and yesterdays are all today
there’ll be no worry about getting old
or the children going away

The breeze will ever be fair
and the boughs laden with fruits
the hearth is warm with laughter
while chasing our earthly pursuits.


will the the flowers grow
when there’s no hope of spring
will sorrows pass
if the world stops turning

who will have joy
in a world gone still
will children be glad
for dreams that never will?

Should time disappear
leaving the days as is
will it be a blessing
or will it be a curse
will it bring life to its fulness
or rob it of its reason and  grace?


For dVERSE POETS’ PUB’s Open Link Night.   Visit the pub for a great poetry party and meet its wonderful patrons. 🙂  Thanks for coming by.  Have a beautiful day.

14 thoughts on “WISH

  1. Fall is my favorite season – I suspect from this yours as well – but sometimes part of beauty is it’s contrast to something else and its ephermeral nature … Another thoughtful poem, Imelda.

  2. I like the coolness and beauty of fall ~ But I believe we appreciate a season or something more because we realize we don’t have it everyday ~ Life if everyday is Christmas, children will not think of it as a special day ~ SMiles ~

  3. My goodness Imelda…you certainly have been blessed with a very special gift of writing and communicating thoughts from the heart! This is beautiful! 🙂 I trust this new season will be a blessing 🙂

  4. Beautiful poem. I love the part about children going away. And I just love fall. It’s such a special time of year. There was no fall in Florida, so I really treasure, now that we are in PA. Beautiful words, as always!

  5. Early autumn is so beautiful…to stop time to enjoy the season a bit longer does seem nice. But it’s best the world keeps turning…each season serves its unique purpose. I’d request less rain though, if I could–ha 🙂

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