“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”
that was what she thought
So she packed her bags, left her home
to find the love she sought.

By letters, she told him of her love
as he did the same
Then one day, another mail arrived
it besmirched her name

Jealousy swallowed his broken heart
reason, he refused to see
the loving letters he used to send
now carried vile and enmity.

She tossed his letter to the wind
willing it to go away
She packed her bags, went back home
to salvage a love astray.

His cold eyes welcomed her open arms
his silence, her smile
her heart sank, the battle was lost
how easy he was beguiled.

So they lived their separate lives
he pretends they never were
But her sunny ways belie the pain
of a love torn asunder.


It’s all about BALLAD POETRY at the PUB.   All I am sure of is that Ballad Poetry tells a story.  Meter, rhythm, and feet almost always confuse me.  So, I tried to play it by ear with this piece,

Thank you for coming by and please visit the PUB for talented writers when you get the chance. Happy weekend.  🙂


28 thoughts on “A LOVE STORY

  1. Well written but terribly sad, Imelda. 😦
    Poem on … Wonderful visit here this a.m. Will be back to continue catching up after the responsibilities of the day.

    Have a great week …

    1. Thanks for coming by, Jamie. I can understand that busy bit – everyone has responsibilities.
      The story is sadder because it is very real to me (it is not my own love story though but, instead, of people very close to me).

      Happy week to you, too.

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