Afternoon Asters

September sun
don’t let me down
there’s a touch of gloom
in your eyes
Should I be surprised
by your sad smile
when there is an impending
good bye?

September Sun
darkness is advancing
chill hovers in the air
what is it like
to stare at surrender
and the loss of your power?

You are not alone
dear sun of September
many others have gone your way
prisoners of fate
they’ve lost, in some way or another
and fear became their song
yet the world turns
and not very long
they’re on top of the world again.

look up
September Sun
Keep your light
Come what may.

i guess I don’t know what I’m doing. I do not grasp the jazz genre very well.  I attribute it to my limited exposure to the genre.  However, I admire Louis Armstrong’s music.  Is that considered jazz?  Anyway, I did this trial and error piece in response to dVERSE POETS’ Pubs’  Meeting the Bar: Jazz Poetry.  Oh yeah, I did try singing the poem in my head.  Then I went off key at the third word.  🙂

Thank you for coming by.  Please visit the Pub real jazz poetry.

18 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER SUN

    1. Thanks, Diane. Now that you asked about it, I guess you were right. I was just so focused on how the sun makes me feel sad these days and why it is so, and I put one seemingly word that fits and then another…. I think you are right. I am lamenting the loss of summer and dreading winter. 🙂

  1. I hate to see the dimming of the September Sun ~ But the world turns and soon in a few months it will be spring again ~ For me, I listened to jazzy music & videos to get inspiration & read up on some jazzy poems ~ I feel you on the singing as I am off key too, smiles ~

  2. A noble try. If it went a little off-key for you it’s probably because you chose nature as a subject. Jazz is usually intensely emotional, sensual, private, full of love, sex, regret, despair, anger, rejection, abandonment, or grief. The music has a way of falling for the sad themes and lifting for the happier more redemptive ones. In even the saddest of songs there is either a “I will overcome” or a “sun’s gonna shine round my back door someday” kind of hope, a determination, a need to rebound, prevail. So I guess we’d have to say this is a song and it’s a little sad in a metaphorical way but it doesn’t have that “down low” kind of pain or that sheer sense of ecstasy in it that we might find in jazz. But I commend you for trying and I recommend you listen to some of the music people have linked to today. It’s all good – keep on writing. The accompanying article is The Beat(nik)s and they’re rather dead-pan and sometimes seemingly less than that emotional! (smiles)

    1. Yay! Thanks for the very helpful and instructive comment, Gay. Until today, I have no idea about the philosophy behind Jazz. I only associate it with music and songs that have a lot of improvisations/deconstruction and scatting (is that the correct term). So yeah, I will check out the links. 🙂 Thanks again.

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