Seeds of a flower
grew together
now are astride the wind
to find their fortune
in a land yonder
where new life begins
another blossom
just like old home
sends off its young again.

Life goes on –

Oh, brother
oh, sister
flourish where you are
as a seed that was born by the wind
but we will meet again
and remember
our ties that bind,
thicker than water
until the passing time
erases our memories
and we are seen
only as names in stone
by then we would be together
in our  eternal home.


For dVERSE Poets’ Pub’s Open Link Night.   Do check out the pub for beautiful poetry. Thank you for coming by. 🙂  Happy mid-week.

17 thoughts on “DISPERSION

  1. A lovely peom, lovely sentiment, Imelda, and the dandelions are the perfect illustrations … we will all leave here on a fluff of wind and still endure … life begets life. I love it.

  2. Some lovely sentiments in this, Imelda. I love the message – that wherever we land, we should make the most of it. I am far away from most of my family at the moment, so remembering those ties is all important.

    1. Thanks, Freya. I, too, am far away from home, and so are my siblings. It is so difficult to see each other, and there’s only the phone and FB. I wish you the best. Good thing we have this modern communications technology these days. 🙂

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