Look not at the bee

for the grace of a butterfly

or be disappointed

A bee is a bee

though cloaked in butterfly wings

the bee will buzz and sting

but it can make honey

that no butterfly can.


For dVERSE POETS” PUB’s Open Link Night.  Trifecta’s ‘GRACE’ prompt inspired this piece.  Check out both pages for beautiful writing and talented writers. 🙂 Thank you for coming by.



    • Thanks, Shanique. True, it is only recently that I learned to appreciate the bee. I often got stung when I was a child and because of that, hated the honey. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Anthony, for the lovely words. I agree with you about people being gifted in different aspects of life/personality. Whatever will happen if everyone is the same? 🙂

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