The first aster of the season has bloomed
not without a little skip in my heartbeat
as it did the first time
that gray streaked my dark head.
Here comes Fall
and soon winter’s rest.
Has not summer just begun?
Youth is for ever
until mortality’s shadow appears.
One by one, the petals fall
colors fade.
Time lingers
only to send leaves afloat
and kiss us good-bye.
We are passing
even as new life begins.


Over at dVERSE POETS’ PUB’s Poetics, Victoria Slotto challenges us to ‘Do a Poem Over again.  So here, I posted a copy of some of the drafts for this poem.  The one in yellow was the original idea.

Draft poems

Meanwhile, In MAGPIE TALES, Tess provided this photo prompt:

Please click the links to visit the responses to both prompts. 🙂

Meanwhile, school has just begun and life got a tad busier in our home since I am teaching my children (and am learning in the process, too).  I have not forgotten to visit your blogs, dear friends.  My children mostly rule the computers during the day.  I will make time to visit this weekend and to  catch up with the comments you have left in previous posts.  I will get to your pages one way or the other.  Please bear with me a bit.  Thank you very much.

18 thoughts on “SHADOWS

  1. nice…i like the elements of this…i think you have some nice rhymes in the middle you could take advantage of with a little more working, (for ever, linger, winter) that could give it a nice subtle rhythm…..

    1. Thanks, Diane. 🙂 We’re all fine (thanks be to God) :-). However, autumn makes me think of life beyond. Maybe, because there is a graveyard nearby and it does look solemn during the Fall. 🙂

    1. Hi Debbie!!! Thanks for the kind words as always. I think that I have this grave/solemn view of autumn. I always associate it with death and decay, even though I know that around the bend is life waiting for spring.

  2. Well, I love this edited version and can relate a bit, I think – and what a delightful use of Tess’s sign image! But with that said, Autumn is my favorite time of year and lets hope I too will enjoy my “golden” years 🙂

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