For this Weekly Photo Challenge – FOCUS, I wish to share these two sets of photographs which were taken by different cameras.

The pictures of the dew drops were macros I took of the dew on the grass blades one morning. The photographs are from the same real life scene, a blade of grass with three prominent dew drops. The first picture I took was the one with only one big dew drop in focus (lower left). I liked that angle, however, I wished that all three were in focus. So, I took another one. I had to adjust my position on the ground – I took all three but the angle was different. I tried a third time (the lower right) and I got all three again in focus except that this was my least favorite angle. I would have tried to take some more photos but by the time I finished crawling and shooting, it was almost time for breakfast. I was hooping I would have another day to look for similar scenes. Alas! My husband mowed the grass that afternoon.
Dew trio

These pictures of tomatoes from our garden were taken using different apertures. The tray was placed near a window. The first picture was at f11, if I recall. The second was at f16. I did not adjust the shutter speed, hence, the difference in the light between the pictures. I was expecting that the latter photo would have shown more details of the background. However, the deeper shadow in the latter might have concealed what other detail could have been captured if I adjusted the light accordingly. Moreover, I wonder whether using auto focus in close quarters affected the result of my little experiment. Oh well, I guess this merits a little more play time and experimentation. 🙂

Tomato collage

Thank you for coming by. For more FOCUS responses, please click the link. 🙂


16 thoughts on “WPC: FOCUS

  1. Por favor Imelda…La primera serie de fotografías es, simplemente, mágica!!! Creo que se te tuvieron que poner los pelos de punta cuando tu marido cortó el césped! 🙂

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