“Henry and Adele” by JUDITH CLAY

Your music soars

higher than my dreams can climb

let me ride on its wings

so I can reach up high

then I’ll gather the stardust

to sprinkle on your hair

while under the watchful moon

I’ll sing to your lilting air.

As the evening light travels

I’ll cross the seven seas

to tuck in sleepy children

with your lullabies and dreams.

Before the morning  breaks

I’ll be  home in your arms

we will sing  together

of our love and a new dawn.


This weekend, dVERSE POETS’ PUB asked us to write a poem inspired by one of JUDITH CLAY’s artworks.  The picture above is one of her many whimsical and beautiful images which are available at her website.  To read more of beautifully inspired poems, please visit POETICS:  JUDITH CLAY by DVERSE POETS.  Thank you for coming by.  I wish you a happy Sunday evening and a great week ahead,


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