Photo by ELENA KALIS. This is MAG 82’s prompt this week.

Words built her a prison

where walls are mirrors

distorting the reflections

of her own soul.

Long has she languished

in half-truths, fear, even shame

drowning in  despair

will she see light again?

 When tired of being oppressed

she’ll fight to be free

as  a butterfly in a cocoon

she’ll burst forth

and spread her wings.


Written for Magpie Tales.  Please visit the link for more poems. 🙂

12 thoughts on “BUTTERFLY

  1. she’ll do good to spread her wings and making her way to the surface…and far beyond.. it’s sad when words build prisons and good to break free..

  2. Words are powerful…Para bien y para mal…Te hunden en lo más hondo y te ayudan a remontar el vuelo como un Ave Fénix.. If external words are painful we can look for the internal ones we keep in our heart, that ones one day somebody whispered in our ears….Precioso..

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