The velvet greens rolled
on the other side
of the mountain where he stood
by the wealth that changed his land –
well-trimmed hands play
where weathered hands once
tended coffee farms
bequeathed upon generations.
Arthritic hands brought
his coffee cup to his lips –
he would trade
his birthright for temporary wealth.


Over at dVERSE Poets’ Pub’, Brian challenged us to write a prose or poem in exactly 55 words.  Please click this link, MEETING THE BAR:  GETTING TIGHT (IN HERE) in here for beautiful 55-word pieces.  Thank you for coming by. 🙂

This piece was inspired by my work from a long time ago.  One time, I had to oversee the acquisition of coffee lands so that they could be converted into golf courses and such.



  1. I assume this is in Hawaii. Big Island? So sad what happens with some of these ‘farm’ properties. Someday people will miss all the coffee that once was.

    • This happened in the Philippines where many farmers cashed in before the Agrarian Reform Law was passed. It is true, there is some joy when you see the improvements in a place until one realizes the full impact of the development on the people and upon the environment.

  2. so true on how it impacts…esp those that this has always been there way and now they may cash in but what is left for them once they do…i like how he is drinking the fruits of his labor

    • True, Grace. I have encountered people who had to sell the last possession they have to pay for a necessity. Though there are some who do just to have a brief taste of ‘luxury’ and when that is gone, they were poorer than before. Thanks for coming by.

  3. Selling your birthright..interesting story but, sad about giving up lands from generations for wealth. I worry about the big giants taking over and leaving not much left generations from now. Temporary wealth well said as in the end you can’t take it with you. A story with impact. Thanks for sharing.

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