Morning Bird

The early bird called to the sun:

“Come out and play.  Morning has come.

Listen.  Listen to my song

and watch the leaves dance along.

I will fly to you to see you smile

we’ll play hide and seek

in the clouds up high.”

And so the sun rose higher and brighter

while the thrilled little bird got shriller and louder.

I tossed and grumbled in my rumpled bed

and under the pillows, I buried my head.


For DVERSE POETS’ PUB’s Open Link Night. 🙂   Thank you for coming by. 🙂 Please visit the wonderful poets of dVERSE.


15 thoughts on “MORNING

  1. haha…gotta love those early morning wake up calls from the song birds…we sleep windows open so i get those as well some days….its like when you kids wake up early…smiles.

  2. I love listening to the birds as well when I wake up. Such a sweet sound. 😀
    Great poem and shots Imelda. Thanks for sharing. 😀

  3. 🙂 You’re always so good at bringing a smile to my face! My bird now is that construction behind our house–every morning we’re awakened by loud banging, staple-gunning, and radio music. Sigh.

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