My dear friends, here is something beautiful for all of you. I think I have here one of the most perfect rainbows that I’ve ever seen. And if you look closely, there is not one, but two arcs.

Meanwhile, I am bracing myself for a camping.  I am a creature of comfort and I am seriously troubled about the things that I can do to pass the dark night until my sleeping time.  Alas! I guess I will spend some time chatting with my family.  😉   Ah… all these troubles over camping…..

…..  in my in-laws’ backyard. 🙂

Happy night/day to all of you. 🙂

P.S.  This photograph was taken from my in-laws’ front yard.  🙂


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13 thoughts on “DAILY POST: BEAUTY

  1. Ha! Good luck. Maybe you can sneak in the house at night to sleep and come back out really early to make it look like you were outside all night 🙂
    Love the two rainbows.

  2. That is a gorgeous rainbow…I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so beautiful.
    I like my conveniences of home so I’ve never been camping…but it sounds
    like you’ve found the perfect place.

  3. That is a beautiful shot! Soooo pretty! One rainbow is pretty awesome, but two is spectacular! I hope your camping adventure goes well. I’m not really into camping either…my idea of camping is more along the lines of a Holiday Inn or something similar 🙂
    But…I’m sure you will enjoy the time with your family, and come away with some wonderful memories…and pictures! Enjoy!

  4. An absolutely perfect rainbow and shot Imelda and good luck with the camping. I like my comforts as well and camping sure doesn’t fall into that category. LOL!

  5. Beautiful photo! Camping is a special experience. I like my comforts too, but I find when camping, going without for a few days doesn’t bother me much. Hope you had a fun time!

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