Days fold into each other
they all look the same –
there’s the sunrise, and the sunset
occasionally, there’ll be rain.
There are the grass, wet with dew
and the birds slicing the air
the wildflowers dancing in the fields
or the bees heavy with nectar.

Then there is the garden
waiting for nurturing hands
and that  cartload of chores
screaming to be done.

There are the  children playing
who will then  bicker and  cry
There’s the flustered mother
filling the world with her sighs.
There’s the father
coming home after a long day
wondering what would greet him
a kiss or a frown – how intently he prays.

But as soon as the stars light up the night
and dear silence reigns
there will be a heart down on her knees
blessing God for (her) life’s routine.


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Thank you for coming by and have lovely day.   🙂

P.S.  Some of your pages do not appear well on my screen (a connection glitch, perhaps?) that I could not push the like or comment buttons, as the case may be.  I will try to ‘see’ you as soon as I can. 🙂

17 thoughts on “EVERYDAY

  1. a smile or a frown…made me smile as I heard his silent prayer. routine can be nice, but I think every once in awhile a diversion is much needed. up until the bickering and cries, this piece was quite peaceful…definitely drew me in.

  2. love the humility in that last bit…blessing routine over excitement…there is some excitement in life that you do not want and in that, routine is greatly appreciated…smiles…

    1. True, Brian. It is easy to complain about boredom, but, on the other hand, it only means that life is peaceful and quiet. That is worth celebrating. 🙂

  3. the peace that comes at the end of the day, when we remember to give thanks for what the day brought… and though not always appreciated, routine brings a certain sense of stability, not unwelcome

    lovely poem

  4. …it is in your willingness & acceptance that made those routines a rewarding job… you don’t get paid with some bucks but you get richer everyday in love, love, love… God bless you ate… smiles…

  5. Loved your poem but loved the last lines the most – thanking God for His blessings. Something we often forget to do.
    Dropping by from the Verse First linkup

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