He runs to me


over a bump on his head

or a scrape on his knee

asking for my kiss-

balm for all his pains.

If only the magic lasts.


dVerse Poets’ Pub’s challenge is to write a tweet of a poem, essentially a 140 character or less stanza.  For more, please visit FORM FOR ALL:  POETRY AS SEMAPHORE.  Thank you for coming by.



    • Hi Diane. 🙂 I guess you are not alone because some elderly mothers I know still look at their grown children and see the baby they held in their arms.

  1. Yes, those magic kisses. Heals all wounds and hurt. I still do it. Guess a mother’s magic never ends. 😀 *hugs*

  2. My magic does last, only it changes. Just this morning I (only partly) jokingly asked my now 18 year old if she wanted me to kiss the “boo boo” she got yesterday and she laughed, yet, still I think there is a part of both of us that would have liked it. The magic is we have a closeness, from the years of actually kissing boo boos and that closeness, that love, you don’t ever have to outgrow. 🙂

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