Chopin’s Etude in E Major Opus 10

For FRIZZTEXT’s “E” Challenge,  I am sharing a Chopin Etude, one of my favorite piano pieces.  It is more popularly known as “No Other Love”  popularized by Jo Spafford.

I need not say anything to make this piece appealing.  The truth is, I am not qualified to say anything about its merits.  It is enough that it appeals to my musical sense.   This is one of those piano pieces which makes me wish that I know how to play the piano.  🙂  I also wished that I couldn sing it to my husband during our wedding, but I was afraid that he would back out once he heard my song.

So, my wild imaginings aside, here are versions featuring the best of the best talents:

P.S.  I was a little girl when I first heard Jo Spafford’s version.   My mother used to sing it while she was cutting fabric or doing seamstress stuff.  Then, I thought that it was music for old people.  This belief would later be affirmed when, in law school, one of our more senior and unmarried lady professor had this song as her favorite.   According to rumors, this song was her and her beau’s (also a professor in the same law school) theme song.  Unfortunately, their love did not have a happy ending.

I guess I am embracing my years, if not the beauty of these musical pieces. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Chopin’s Etude in E Major Opus 10

  1. I love the mellowness of this golden oldie. I too heard such songs and melodies as a child when my parents played it on the LP record player. And I didn’t know you went to law school – so did I! 😀 I guess we have more things in common than we realised! Hugs to you my dear one! Sharon

    1. Oh, how nice to know that we both went to law school. I practiced law for 10 years or so before I got married and immigrated to the US. Hugs back to you and have a lovely lovely day. 🙂

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