For FRIZZTEXT’s D Challenge, I am presenting these dragonflies.  I have collected their photos over the summer – the first two are from our place, the other two are from Maine.  I tried to identify them but identifying dragonflies proved to be much harder than identifying butterflies (well, at least for me. 🙂  )

Dragonfly 1


I was very glad to see these dragonflies in our yard.    The county normally sprays insecticide all over the place to kill EEE mosquitoes.   Unfortunately, the spraying kills not only the nasty insects but the good ones as well.   No spraying must have been done so far these year because not only are there dragonflies but there are also the fireflies.  On the fourth of July, the blinking lights from the fireflies  were the best fireworks I saw.



Meanwhile, you will never know how happy I was to see these dragonflies while we were in Maine in early spring when the evil blackflies were all over the place.   If the dragonflies were there, I knew that the reign of the little vampires was at its end.




Anyway,  there goes my little anecdote.  I need to post as quickly as I can because we are off to a long trip to the south of Maine.  My in-laws are treating the children to a train ride.  So tomorrow, we will do nothing but ride trains (and perhaps, enjoy a little lay over wherever we may be by then).

Dragonfly4One final note – dragonflies are sometimes called damselflies.  I guess, that does not make the male of the species too happy.  Just think of the unfortunate male ladybug.  No matter how macho he may be, he is and will always be a Ladybug.   Would a male damselfly be thrilled to be a damsel(fly) in distress?  Heh!  Sorry…my silly humor is getting the better of me. 🙂

Have a great day t you. 🙂




  1. Wonderfull photos and very interesting remarks . Our world is full of living
    life of any sort. We have butterflies coming up but they are still hanging around
    as coccons waiting to open for a first fly off.
    have a look at my flickr pictures set papilio machaon (hjfklein)

  2. Absolutely stunning shots Imelda! I love them! Thanks for sharing these little “fairy friends”. 😀 *big hugs*

  3. I like your humor at the end, it made me smile 🙂 Gorgeous pics of the dragonflies. I’ve never photographed them so close, so I loved seeing their colors and detail.

    • Hi Diane. 🙂 I also had no idea before I started looking at them more closely for photographs. It was like a eureka moment for me. Nature is fascinating.

  4. Gorgeous images Imelda! Hadn’t noticed the wing patterns before either, Had always assumed their wings were translucent! Nor have I spared much thought for the feelings of male lady bugs or damselflies 😀 You are a sensitive soul!

    • Thanks, Madhu. No. The comment about damselflies and ladybugs was not an original. I was just reminded of a line from a movie “A Bug’s Life”. The male ladybug was complaining endlessly about his ‘terrible’ fate. 🙂

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