We are in a heat wave and my responses tended towards things that symbolize all that I want to be during these days – cool, and clean, and pretty too – not a bad wish, if I may say so), just like these flowers after a rain.



As I write this post, the heat is slowly dissipating as the thunder and rainclouds roll in.  We are under  a severe thunderstorm warning in fact.  I look forward to less that 96 degree weather in the next few days.  I think I will stay outside a bit just to savor the rain and the breeze.

Happy weekend.  For more FRESH, please visit HERE.



  1. Wow beautiful photos :). Enjoy the weather.I wish for the same cool weather, the heat here at Mississippi is driving me insane.

    1. Thanks, Soroilily. I hope you are having the thunderstorm we are having right now. It immediately made the air fresher and cooler.

      1. Ahh it finally rained today :D. Yeah it made the air cooler and fresher.Enjoying it

    1. Thanks, Siggi. How are you? We just had a thunderstorm, a few minutes earlier. I hope the better weather holds for all of us. 🙂

  2. Very good photos, I love capturing raindrops on flowers… you did a great job, so delicate and fresh. I hope you are in for “normal” summer temps. The heat wave here broke last night with thunderstorms and high winds.

    1. Thanks, Lily, for the nice words and good wishes. Ha! Finally, we are also having some rain. The thunder and lighting and rain sounded like symphony to my ears. 🙂

  3. Everything is so fresh indeed after a lovely rain shower Imelda. You took some stunning shots hon! Great entry for the challenge! 😀 *big hugs*

  4. Excellent photos, Imelda. We, too, got a break from heat, humidity and dryness last night with a thunderstorm, wind and pouring rain. Feels much nicer this morning.


  5. Our heat finally broke with a remarkable storm. It was like the atmosphere just couldn’t hold anymore heat and busted open with rain. But it also toppled over all of my tomatoes and cucumbers, boo. At least I don’t have to water them. Right now there’s another rainstorm, and I’m loving this for once in my life. No watering tomorrow, so no bug bites tomorrow! Anyway, love your after-rain photos. Crisp, cool, and clear. You take such lovely photos.

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