the very air was still
hiding in the shade of the trees
waiting for the cooling breeze.

A metal symphony played
on the rusty tin roof above me
while the sunbeams streamed
through my fingers
as I sprawled on the mat
over cracked red concrete
fighting the afternoon nap
prescribed by my zealous mother
to ward off the summer chills.

But my eyes shifted from behind
half-closed lids watchful
of shadows flowing with the day
my ears strained to hear
the afternoon rhythm
underscoring summer days –
the humming of the kite above the clouds
the call of a bird
the chunk-clunk of the manual sewing machine

lulled me…
lulled me…..

into that invisible realm
where children run through rice paddies
laughter trailing behind them
as they plunged into a neighbor’s orchard
for the forbidden sun-kissed mangoes

there I stayed
until the aroma of banana fritters
wafting from the kitchen
called me back
into the land of the living.


Yay!  I am sorry I have not visited a lot of you.  The days after a vacation, short or long, are always catch up times with household stuff.   I will catch up with your posts and comments one way or the other.  Thank you so much for bearing with me and for coming by. 🙂

15 thoughts on “SUMMER’S NAP

  1. Hey no fair! How am I supposed to ward of the adult nap I shouldn’t take today when I read something like that…must, keep, eyes open! Go wash dishes… do chores… no sleeping today!

  2. Banana fritters. Now that is something I have not eaten in a while. All ripened bananas in my household now get added to fruit smoothies.

  3. Your poem is lovely and has one picturing the details… I would suppose that everyone who has holidays needs time to catch up…. I’ll be doing that after our vacation next week… I think everyone can understand… Diane

  4. Hi Imelda, i guess you were dreaming about Batangas … i hope you can come for a visit soon! your poem is so lyrical, you should ask someone to write the notes for you, might be a great song …

  5. I love the part: “children run through rice paddies/ laughter trailing behind them,” I wish life could always be so innocent for children. I hope you will visit my raining awards post again and collect any two awards you prefer, you deserve those and more!! Here is the link: Keep up the good work here! Love your writing, and happy that other people take vacations, too!

    1. Yes, it is tasty. Put sugar in the batter and use plantains. In the Philippines, we used a different type of banana but plantains will do, I think. 🙂 Then, sprinkle some sugar on top of the fritter.

  6. Your poem so artfully describes my children who fight naps like they fight the thought of monsters in their closets. Why do they detest sleep so? I’d love to have one, all the time! Beautiful imagery of your childhood memories here, Imelda.

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