Tired from walking around the Old Port section of Montreal, we stopped by a pocket park surrounded by some of those beautiful buildings that dot this beautiful city.  The centerpiece of this place was a gushing water fountain that glistened under the (almost) lowering sun.

One group distinguished itself from the mass of people that was enjoying the place.  A bridal party was there for photographs.  I wondered whether the bride and groom had already said their “I do’s” by then.  It did not matter.  They were obviously enjoying their ‘Golden Hour’.
Before the Ball

I hope that you agree with me that the celebration of love is always a golden hour regardless of the time of day. 🙂 Though in this case, it happened just at the time when the sun was beginning to light the treetops with its golden glow.
Golden Hour

I was sorry to leave the place but we still had a lot more cobbled steps to cover before we got to our car. There were a lot of picture-worthy scenes of people and scenery and buildings. The sun was sinking fast. Buildings looked dipped in gold and everyone looked otherwordly. I guess we did too. My eyes feasted on the sights but I could not focus. My camera ‘crashed’ from beauty overload.

Thank you for coming by.  For more Golden Hour, please visit Weekly Photo Challenge.


  1. Hi Imelda, beautiful post … i hope you and Gracie can have the chance to see each other 🙂 will pray that someday the three of us will have an appointed moment to meet up ..

    1. Oo nga, taga-rito si Grace. Next year uli, nadito kami. It will be nice to meet both of you in person. Sana, we can arrange to meet. 🙂

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