The musky moon melted into the clouds
envious of the lovers’ lips and liberties entwined
as passion punctuated the passing night
they threaded time in their fevered hands.

Freely did they let freedom fly to find its home –
hearts that have and hold, and hope in love
lasting longer than their lives allowed.


Pushing pencil on paper, I tried
to weave words as wordweavers do
set sentiments into spells that make one
breathe life, live love in its grandeur
though magic is beyond my meager words.


Written for DVERSE POETS’ FORM FOR ALL – Bang Bang Bang-Crash! and for Magpie Tales 176 which provided this image prompt:

The turn that moonlight and freedom took was inspired by my husband’s silliness while I was bemoaning my lack of poem. 🙂

23 thoughts on “ENTWINED

  1. ha. i think you have the magic…and push the pencil quite well…this was one tough challenge, the trying is well worth it, i did not get it completely myself…i like the freedom and hearts that have and hold, and hope in love…which lasts longer than life…

  2. This is lovely, Imelda. You have met the strict requirements of the form perfectly, and produced a beautiful poem wt some truly wonderful lines. I think your words here have the magic you were looking for.

    1. Thanks. LaTonya. I was wondering whether I’d post the second poem or not. It was actually done earlier and I was trying to have fun with a more-difficult-than-expected prompt. I thought it was a waste of effort not to put it in even though it did not go with the theme of the first one.

  3. Judging by the poem, hubby did right by you. Several memorable lines here “live love in its grandeur” and “lips and liberties entwined”

    Nice work.

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