The blueberries are ripening
mmm..their flavor tickle my tongue
Alas! when it was time to harvest
the ripe berries were gone!


Oh what a disappointment!
who could have pilfered them?
Was it a nosy neighbor
or some exuberant children?

The mystery had to be solved
I laid in wait in the grass
and watched and waited and waited and watched
until something happened at last –


A flame breasted creature
hippity-hopped on the ground
closer and closer it got to the bushes
as its beady eyes looked around.

I guess it did not see me
soon it flew to the berry branch
it buried itself among the leaves
and guiltless pecked at its lunch.


So it was one ravenous robin
who denied me my blueberry pie!
I aimed at him and took a shot
that I will have proof of his crime.



Blueberries, bushes,  and birds, I think, are good for FRIZZTEXT’s BBB challenge, no?  🙂

Meanwhile, over at dVERSE POETS’ PUB, Bjorn wants us to think about our favorite words and maybe, write a poem about them.  I guess, blueberry is right up there in my favorites list.  🙂

 Thanks for coming by. Check out the above links for good ol’ fun.  🙂

Oh, just a little aside.  The heat wave broke.  Yey!  We are down to  high 70’s with rains in the forecast.

We enrolled our three older boys in Tae Kwon Do and we’ve been busy shuttling them to their classes.  I have now a deeper appreciation of mothers and fathers who devotedly drive their children to their various activities.  Kudos to all of you. 🙂



  1. oh that robin….tell him to share with you next time…and if you bake a blueberry pie…be sure to invite me for coffee….loving it….smiles

  2. oh that stinks…its the japanese beetles i am fighting this year on the grape vine…not ready to harvest yet, we are still waiting and fighting…i share with the deer though…they eat the fallen berries…mmmm berries!

    • I hope you get to save your grapes. It is a bummer to lose them.
      My parents-in-law have a little grape arbor too. Last year, they were expecting a bumper crop. However, the wild turkeys roaming in their yard ate most of the grapes before my in-laws could harvest them. Needless to say, they were very irritated with the turkeys. 🙂

  3. ha! on sunday, two friends and i were picking coffee ‘cherries’ and we were trying to figure out how to compare that to another ‘picking’ task.. we wondered if it would be like picking cranberries.. and then blueberries… i compared it to cotton, but we never nailed anything that came close.

    it was great to see your post, the images and your great poem!

    • Thanks, Lisa.

      Your comment reminded me of that time when I was a child and used to help my grandmother pick coffee berries. It must have been a tedious thing but because I was a child, I thought that picking coffee beans with my grandmother was a lot of fun. Those berries were sweet too.

      I might prefer picking blueberries because their branches are lower than a coffee plants’ thought. 🙂

    • I am with you, Janna.. The robin was too cute perched on the bushes – I thought of having my camera first instead of shooing them away. 🙂

  4. Love the words and pictures ~ Blueberries and robins make great words ~ And don’t forget to snap a picture of the pie too when you can 🙂

  5. …aww, i thought a bear must have been the culprit…. i didn’t guess it would be the robins…. better luck next time for the blueberry pie dream…. hihi… smiles… this was really entertaining & fun ate Imelda… loved it…

  6. That was really cute! Sorry that the robin took your blueberries though – hopefully you can figure out a way to keep them away so that you can actually pick some for your self! I just had the same thing happen with a tomato. I had been watching it get ripe, and I was just about ready to pick it, when I saw that something else had already had a few bites out of it. It wasn’t a bird – must have been a small animal, but I have no idea what!
    The joys of gardening, I guess 🙂

  7. Great shots and poem Imelda and who cares about the blueberries when you can watch a beautiful bird like that…and all because of the blueberries..hehehe. Lovely post hon! 😀

    • ha ha ha yeah, it’s true. Seeing those happy birds almost make the loss of the berries worthwhile. 🙂 Seriously, I am thinking of hanging an old CD from the branches to scare away the birds. It is another trick I got from my mother-in-law who does just that to drive the birds away from her blueberry patch.

      • Well, if you truly want to use the berries then do it. It’s much better than doing what most other people do and I won’t even say the name. The birds will feed on the berries that fall on the ground that you won’t be able to use anyway. When you’ve put the CD’s on, please take a shot and post it. I would love to see what it looks like. 😀

  8. Beautiful images and words Imelda. I look at my daughter driving her boys around to different activities every day – including Sunday mornings – and wonder how she keeps up with it! I don’t remember taking her to as many classes when she was young 🙂

  9. Is this a bush in your backyard? How neat it would be to grow blueberries yourself!? We just got tons of blueberries–made pie and jam and will make ice cream soon! TKD–my son just began in May, and he’s really into it. He takes it so seriously that I can’t help but chuckle when I watch him in action. And all the driving? yeah, it’s a lot of driving. It’s what parents do, right? 🙂

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