Easter Lily

Like light piercing the darkness
or a flower that perfumes the air
so is a soul that is pure  and fair.

With His own breath, God raised man
above the beasts
and all created kind.

With what beauty a soul was endowed
no eye has seen, nor word’s described.

But in the story of how the world began
God said “It is good” when this work was done.


This is a poem that I retrieved from an old blog.    The heat had fried my brain.  We have been in the 90s for several days now with high humidity.  My husband teases me about my low tolerance of the heat considering that I am from a place where temperatures like we have are the norm.  What can we say – people change.  🙂 And I have come to love the four seasons especially spring.

All I can say is these humid days are not good for the pocket.  We’ve been eating out a lot to avoid heating up our house even more with cooking.  However, I do not have to wash dishes too.  That evens it out, I guess. 🙂 🙂

Happy weekend.  🙂

7 thoughts on “MASTERPIECE

  1. So beautiful While I am envious tsk tsk… of your weather for the most part… it would seem strange to be without all four seasons and what they have to offer that is unique to each… Diane

  2. Just beautiful, Imelda. I’ve lived in the desert for many years and I think 117-degrees with low humidity is just as miserable as 100 with higher humidity. Humidity in Arizona is nothing like the east, though. When we hiked Shenandoah, it was so hot and humid that my glasses kept fogging up. Not fun!

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